You Won’t Believe This… And, She’s My Sister!

Elite Aesthetics loves the new “Woman 2 Woman Today” TV Show!

Talk about being a proud brother, Dr Ward, the owner of Elite Aesthetics in Miami, FL is very proud of his sister, Jen Maseda, who is a rockstar! From loving mother and wife to successful executive and community leader, Jen continues to be an abundant source of inspiration to people all around her, especially women. And, as if the list isn’t long enough, We are proud to announce on the Elite Aesthetics Group blog that she is taking on a new role as host of the new cable TV show “Woman 2 Woman Today”!


Here she is featured (on the right) during one of my recent visits to the studio.


My sister on the Women 2 Women TV Show

What is Woman 2 Woman Today all about?

Women 2 Women Today is a vibrant talk show that spotlights women leaders in the community. Jen looks for vibrant, involved, successful women and hosts them on her show to speak about their individual success stories in the form of friendly, conversation style interviews. The show is intended to provide an educational experience for other women in a way that will relate to their personal stories, make them laugh, cry, and even cheer them all on!


What are some hot topics of discussion on the show?

Jen is covering all areas! She really wants to get inside the minds of these inspiring women and their success stories. Questions you will hear might include: How did you decide to start their successful business? What mentors did you have? What obstacles did you have to overcome? What advice would you give to other entrepreneurial women just starting out? And, how do you juggle so many different responsibilities in your life?


Who can we expect to see on Woman 2 Woman Today?

All types of women from many different backgrounds and disciplines are going to be featured on the show from CEOs of new companies to cooks, photographers, moms, belly dancers – you name it! Here is a snapshot of some young, aspiring chefs demonstrating a cooking lesson during a recent casting.


She’s on TV

Elite Aesthetics supports women leaders!

Elite Aesthetics Group in Miami and Coral Gables is all about being a leader in the field of aesthetics. We cater to women leaders like Jen who are successful and give back to their community. Jen is truly an amazing woman who we love and support always! We are very proud of her and all she has accomplished. We can’t think of a better person for the job than Jen Maseda. Be sure to check out her new show “Woman 2 Woman Today” airing now! New episodes are scheduled to come out every two weeks.
Be sure to check out the show’s website and Youtube channel to learn more!

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