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Elite Aesthetics Group in Miami, Florida provides state of the art laser tattoo removal services. They have the newest, safest, most powerful laser available in the tattoo removal industry. More and more people are getting tattoos, and for various reasons, more and more people want to remove them. Maybe the tattoo didn’t come out the way you envisioned? Maybe the artist made a mistake? Have you moved on from a relationship or situation that your past tattoos remind you of? Are you applying for a new job or the military and you need to remove a tattoo to be considered for the position? Do you want to get a new tattoo or cover an old one? These are all valid reasons to consider getting laser tattoo removal from the experts at Elite Aesthetics Group in Miami, Florida.

At Elite Aesthetics Group, they understand you may have questions regarding the laser tattoo removal process. We interviewed Dr. Ward, the owner of Elite Aesthetics Group to answer your questions so you understand the process, the potential results, the time it takes, what you are paying for, and the care needed to achieve the best results. Below, we answer some of the most common laser tattoo removal questions found on the real self website, a good place to go to research the procedure.

Tattoo Fades after treatment

Progression of tattoo removal in Coral Gables Florida clinic.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

Dr. Ward says “This depends on several factors: how big the tattoo is, whether it was inked by a professional or amateur, how many and what kind of colors make it up, how long it has been there, what your skin color is normally, how many treatments it takes, how dense the ink is, what type of ink is present, the experience and credentials of the laser operator, and the location of the medical practice performing the procedure.” You can learn more about laser tattoo removal costs and pricing on our costs page where we discuss in depth the costs associated with removing your unwanted ink. 

Can I try and remove my tattoo at home with salt or creams to save some money?

Dr. Ward says “No. Don’t do it. At Elite Aesthetics Group, we get referrals all the time of patients who have tried to remove their tattoos at home after it didn’t work out right. This can lead to scarring and changes in the skin that make it more difficult to remove the tattoo with the laser. Laser tattoo removal is the only way to go to get a pleasing aesthetic result.”

What tattoo colors are easiest to remove?

Maybe you have an all-black tattoo, maybe its multicolored. Does this matter? Dr Ward says “Yes, this matters a lot actually. Black ink is the easiest to remove and is usually targeted for removal first. What you usually find is that the ink you thought was just black has some green or blue mixed in with it. The reds are next hardest to remove. Then the most difficult to remove are the blues and greens. You need to make sure the laser the Doctor is using has every wavelength necessary to remove every color in your specific tattoo. This takes time. At Elite Aesthetics Group, we wait a month in between treatments to let your body clear the ink particles we have shattered with the laser. Anyone who does treatments more often is wasting your money and may end up scarring you.”

How soon after a “new” tattoo can I begin laser tattoo removal treatments?

Dr. Ward says “The standard recommendation is to wait up to six weeks for the initial tattoo placement process to heal. I find that this is the very safest way to approach this situation, but every circumstance, patient, and tattoo is different and in some cases, we can start earlier than that, although the risks of scarring do go up slightly the earlier you start.”

Can I re-tattoo over a laser removed tattoo?

Dr. Ward says “Of course you can! This is one of the most common reasons why patients start the laser tattoo removal process: they want to fade or completely remove an old tattoo to have a new one inked. At Elite Aesthetics Group, we consult with tattoo artists and clients and decide together how best to proceed to achieve the client’s wishes. Do we just need to fade the existing tattoo a bit to create a cover or remove the old one completely? In this manner, we are working with tattoo artists on a daily basis to achieve professional, high quality artistic results that both the artist and the client are proud of.” Learn more about tattoo cover up options on our main removal page.

How long will it take to see results?

Dr. Ward says “Results come gradually. The laser shatters the existing ink particles into micro particles that your body’s immune system will clear over the course of at least a month in between treatments. You will see the tattoo gradually fade to nothing as the treatments progress, but it does take time and patience to do it right with no side effects like scarring or discoloration of the skin. Again, this is an investment of time and money into how good you look. It helps you feel better about yourself and achieve your goals in life. It is worth it, so do it right!”

We thanked Dr. Ward for his time and came away from the interview armed with the knowledge we needed to begin the laser tattoo removal process. We would highly recommend Dr. Ward and Elite Aesthetics Group for laser tattoo removal. His results are amazing! Give Dr. Ward a call directly to make an appointment. Info is below. Or, stop in and see us at our Coral Gables Florida office. 

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