Lasers provide the safest and most effect solutions for removing unwanted tattoos. Laser tattoo removal with our industry­ leading Quanta Lasers makes the process of removing tattoos much easier and less painful for our patients and covers a wide variety of ink colors.

The Quanta EVO MDK I Laser uses a powerful burst of energy to shatter the pigments (inks) within a tattoo into tiny particles. The laser is directed at the tattooed area for a fraction of a second, passing harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin into the ink pigment.

The broken up pigments are then absorbed and broken down naturally through the body, eliminating traces of the tattoo. Complete tattoo removal is dependent on a person’s skin and the type of tattoo. Most tattoo removal treatments average between 6 to 12 treatments and it’s dependent on the individual’s immune system.


Before any laser tattoo removal treatment, the doctor will have a consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals and will assess the targeted area of treatment. You will also be asked about your medical history, including previous surgeries, present and past health problems, current medications, as well as nutritional and herbal supplements you are taking or have taken at some time. We will discuss risks, benefits and outcomes of laser tattoo removal during this consultation to ensure you are fully aware of the process and comfortable with moving forward. Photographs may also be taken to compare before and after results.


Each tattoo is unique and no laser treatment is the same for each person, which is why tattoo removal typically varies in the number of treatment sessions. A variety of factors, including tattoo size, ink color, location, age of the tattoo and coverage area on the skin help determine the number of required treatment sessions. Treatment sessions are usually scheduled six to eight weeks apart.

Our patients will receive protective eye goggles to wear during the treatment for safety reasons. The procedure can be done relatively quickly. Depending on the size and type of tattoo, the procedure can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Keep the area as clean as possible by gently washing and using a petrolatum ointment for several days to promote healing.
  • Keep the area covered with a clean, sterile bandage for about one week following treatment until the skin heals.
  • Expect the area to get red, it may blister or scab. Our doctor will review all of your questions in the initial treatment consultation.
Laser Tattoo Removal
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