Thinking about the price tag on removing a tattoo?

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Do you have a tattoo that you would like to get rid of? Laser tattoo removal cost may be foremost in your mind.

Does your tattoo remind you of someone or something you’d rather not think about anymore? Does it remind you of a time in your life or a situation that you have grown away from now? Are the reasons you got your tattoo not valid to you anymore? Has the meaning changed now or does it not apply to you anymore? Many people have some form of tattoo regret years after they get a tattoo. The reasons are personal when you get it done and also when you start to think about removing it, and its ok. At Elite Aesthetics Group, we can help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to completely remove a tattoo so you can see your bare skin again, or place another tattoo on a blank canvas, or whether your tattoo artist wants us to fade the old tattoo so that they can do a cover that comes out better, we can help.

You probably have a few questions, the first of which might revolve around laser tattoo removal cost in Miami. First of all, laser tattoo removal works. But it is a gradual process. Your tattoo doesn’t go away with one treatment. Depending on the color of the inks, the density of the inks, the depth that the inks were placed, the components in the inks, the age of the tattoo, where it is on your body, your skin color, and your body’s immune and healing system, it might take anywhere from a few treatments to up to 8 or 10 treatments for more complex, darker, multicolored tattoos. Each treatment is spaced approximately a month apart in order to give your body time to clear the ink that is broken up by each laser treatment. Doing treatments sooner than that is a waste of your money and can cause damage to your skin.

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With the above information in mind, laser tattoo cost in Miami varies depending where you get it done. There are not very many reputable laser tattoo removal clinics in this area, and in general, in South Florida I would caution you to be very careful in selecting a laser tattoo removal clinic. Laser tattoo removal cost in Miami can start at $100 per treatment for a small black tattoo and go up to $500 or more per treatment or more for extra-large dark, multicolored complicated tattoos covering, say your entire back. Because of this, and the time that it takes over many months to really get rid of your tattoo completely, at Elite Aesthetics Group, we will give discounts to serious, committed patients who wish to purchase packages of treatments. These discounts are of course larger when you purchase more treatments in the package.

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