Who is SkinMedica®?

SkinMedica®, an Allergen company, is a scientific based, innovative skin care treatment company who creates products proven to help rejuvenate the skin. SkinMedica® was founded just over a decade ago by a dermatologist named, Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick. His concern for his patients ultimately led him to co-found a company that would ensure they had access to the best possible ingredients and formulations.

In 2013, SkinMedica® was acquired by a global, multi-speciality health care company, Allergen who is leading with portfolios in eye care, neuro sciences, medical dermatology, medical aesthetics, obesity intervention and urological. Since the acquisition, SkinMedica® continues to innovate and develop the highest quality of skin care products in the cosmeceutical industry.

Why SkinMedica®?

Elite Aesthetics supports SkinMedica® because they believe that every individual deserves to have naturally radiant skin, and their product line is truly as great as they say it is. They offer an extensive line of extremely high-quality skin care products that utilize healthy skin rejuvenators such as vitamins E and C, retinol, tea tree oil and salicylic acid.

Some of their best selling products have been featured in Elle, INSTILL, Self, People, Web MD and many other magazines and television shows including The View and The Today Show.