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As we age our skin changes; lines and creases
appear, wrinkles deepen, and skin loses its tone and
begins to sag. Laser facial rejuvenation works to
revive your skin and reduce the appearance of such
changes to bring back your youthful appearance.
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Elite Aesthetics has no equal competitor in the Miami region with our ability to yield the highest level of results in laser tattoo removal with our Quanta EVO MDK Lasers.

Eliminate unwanted hair while preventing new growth – no ingrown hairs or bumps from growing hairs! Have smoother skin and never shave again!

We offer a full array of skincare and non­surgical cosmetic procedures to help reverse the signs of aging and sun damage to reduce or eliminate unwanted age spots and restore the natural beauty in your skin.

Fullness in the neck area and under the chin is a sign of aging that is difficult to hide or conceal with clothing. If you are concerned with accumulations of chin and neck fat, you are among many who want a solution to this cosmetic flaw.

Though wrinkles and fine lines in the skin are inevitable as we get older, at Elite Aesthetics we have a full arsenal of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options to help improve or eliminate bothersome signs of aging.

Whatever your age or personal goals, you can rest assured that the
expertise of our Elite Aesthetics staff will help you achieve beautiful and
natural looking results to achieve a younger you! So, don’t feel shy about
accepting a little help to turn back the clock.

Contact our licensed professionals today to set up your consultation with Dr.
Ward. We customize our treatments to meet the specific needs of our patients.
Our consultations are in-depth and focused on your skin care and aging needs
prior to treatment.

Injectable face treatment locations

Our use of injectables and fillers are intricate. We never seek to make our patients look like different people and our focus is to use these treatments as a way to enhance your natural beauty and emphasize the best qualities of your face.


We offer premium laser hair removal services for patients tired with the daily routine of shaving that are longer lasting and ultimately, healthier for the skin.


Give your skin a second chance and erase the past with our highly effective laser tattoo removal technology.


Our laser treatments remove damaged layers of the skin to allow the healthy cells underneath the epidermis to regenerate a smooth and vibrant appearance.