What is PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal?

We don’t use PicoSure Lasers and here’s why…

Elite Aesthetics Group of Miami and Coral Gables provides the areas only Doctor performed laser tattoo removal procedures in a safe, discrete, modern clinic with the industry’s best tattoo removal system, the Quanta Q-switched laser. We want you, our client, to be informed and become educated in the laser tattoo removal process as you consider how to best remove your unwanted tattoos. You probably have quite a few questions and our website is here to help you know how best to proceed. One question you might have is why we use the Quanta Q-switched laser as opposed to the other lasers out there, such as the Picosure laser tattoo removal system. If you have read our article about how laser tattoo removal works, tattoo removal 101, then this part will make sense to you. If you haven’t read it, then pause here, go read it, and then come back.


We don’t use picosure technology. We proudly use q-switched lasers, because they outperform.

At Elite Aesthetics Group we provide professional, Doctor performed laser tattoo removal treatments using the Quanta Q-switched laser tattoo removal system. We have chosen this laser because it is the best in the industry at removing tattoos in a safe, effective manner. Laser energy can be dangerous and can cause unwanted side effects and complications if done in the wrong hands or with the wrong equipment. The Quanta laser system is a trusted, proven system. The Vatican uses this same laser system to repair oil on canvas masterwork paintings that are hundreds of years old. NASA uses this same laser system on the space station. The quality is impeccable and the results are amazing.

Other laser systems, including the Picosure system are much different and have questionable results with reports of bad outcomes and potential side effects such as scarring, blistering, burns, and darkening (hyperpigmentation) or whitening (hypopigmentation) of the treated area. The time it takes to deliver the laser energy into the ink particles is of particular importance. The Quanta Q-switched laser delivers the energy in nanoseconds. This technology has been studied and proven safe and effective. Other lasers like the Picosure system deliver the energy in a much shorter amount of time, in picoseconds, and this is seen by some to be unsafe. Too much energy being delivered to the skin in too short a time does not allow the energy to dissipate and the heated area to cool thus increasing the chances of scarring and skin color changes.

At Elite Aesthetics Group of Miami and Coral Gables, we provide Doctor performed laser tattoo removal in a safe, modern clinic with the industry’s best laser tattoo removal system. We strive for stunning results! Come in or call if you have any questions. Dr Ward will be happy to speak with you. Let us help you remove the tattoos you no longer want.

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