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At Elite Aesthetics of Coral Gables, we are
continuously looking for ways to make our
cosmetic services more convenient for our
patients. This includes a straightforward
approach in educating and preparing our patients.

  • When walking into Elite Aesthetics
    You can expect an atmosphere that is private, modern, welcoming, respectful, and comfortable for you. Unlike most doctor’s office experiences, your appointment wait will be minimal as we schedule appointments to align with the actual planned time. Though we always enjoy having our patients in the office, we value your time and understand that minimizing “wasted” time at the practice can free up your schedule even more.
  • Your Appointment Is About A Better You
    We take a patient-­centric focus here at Elite Aesthetics and try to make your experience with us above and beyond your expectations. When sitting with Dr. Ward in your initial consultation, he will review your goals, your intended outcomes, address any concerns, and discuss realistic expectations of the proposed treatments.
  • Educating Our Patients Is A Must
    Doctor Ward values the importance of educating his patients and will also
    discuss the potential risks of treatment and the associated costs. Whether
    you want to look younger, reduce wrinkles, or simply look and feel rested
    and refreshed, Dr. Ward will advise you on the best methods to achieve
    your long­-term aesthetic goals for the improved you!
  • Before Treatment:
    Upon confirming your appointment, our team will review your procedure and answer all your questions. Prior to your appointment, we ask that you clean and shave the area to be treated ­ keeping it free of lotions, creams, deodorant, makeup, etc.
  • Your Laser Skin Treatment:
    Our laser treatments typically take around 20 minutes but can last up to an hour depending on the area being targeted. We provide our patients with eye protection during the laser treatments before testing the laser on a small area to see how the skin reacts. We then use a small handpiece to deliver laser to the area of the skin with each each pulse lasting no more than a second. It’s common for patients to experience a slight tingling feeling. In areas of more sensitivity, it can feel like a rubber band snapping the skin.
  • After Treatment:
    Due to the effectiveness and efficiency of our Quanta Lasers, most of our procedures are considered “lunch hour” treatments because there is little to no recovery time! Following treatment is normal for the skin to be pink or red. This may last from a few hours to a few days depending on the treated area of your skin. Follow the post care treatment given by Dr. Ward.

Skin rejuvenation, removal of tattoos, vascular or pigmented lesions may require more downtime. The treated areas may scab over, with new pink skin emerging underneath. It is extremely important you wear sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) for several weeks after these treatments.


Whether you’re familiar with our non­surgical cosmetic treatments or a novice, there will always be a welcoming voice on the other end of the phone, eager to make you feel comfortable from the beginning. If you have questions or concerns about any of the procedures please give us a call prior to your consultation with Dr. Ward