Tattoo removal is a unique experience.


The Process of Removing Unwanted Ink Explained

Elite Aesthetics Group of Miami and Coral Gables offers the areas only Doctor performed laser tattoo removal treatments, done with the new, cutting edge Quanta Laser tattoo removal system, in a safe, pain free series of treatments designed to remove your unwanted tattoos. If you are considering removing your unwanted tattoos, then we are the place to go. You may be wondering how does laser tattoo removal work as you educate yourself about this popular procedure. Well, we are here to help! Read on for more information.

Laser tattoo removal works gradually to remove or fade your unwanted tattoos. When the tattoo artist originally creates your tattoo, he or she is injecting the ink particles into your skin. The skin is made up of many layers, but the two outermost ones, the epidermis and the dermis, are where the tattoo artist places the ink particles. As time goes on, the ink particles, which are foreign to your body are slowly absorbed and encapsulated into microscopic fibrous capsules which now contain these ink particles. The laser is aimed at these capsules and ink particles to break them up so that your body can then remove them with time.



Laser tattoo removal is different than other laser procedures in that the laser light is set to deliver its laser energy specifically to the color of ink particle we are trying to get rid of and to the depth where the particles are in the skin. This energy is delivered very, very quickly, in nanoseconds, into the ink particles themselves, thus shattering them like a hammer can shatter a crystal glass when struck hard and fast. This process creates very small microparticles that your body’s immune system and lymphatics then slowly clear over the next month. This leads us to the reason why laser tattoo removal takes some time and multiple treatments to actually work. It is not an instantaneous process. After each laser tattoo removal treatment, we must wait for the body to clear the shattered ink particles and heal. We wait approximately a month before the next treatment can be done in order to allow this process to happen. We then reassess the tattoo, readjust the laser settings usually to a higher energy each time to remove more ink particles, and repeat the process.


Laser tattoo removal can take anywhere from a few treatments for an old, superficial, amateur, black, simple tattoo, to many treatments for a newer, complex, professional, multicolor tattoo. It can also take more treatments for a larger tattoo because we may not be able to safely treat the entire tattoo each time you come in. Remember, this is a gradual process that requires a commitment on your part to complete the process. Also, during the process, you cannot get any sun at all on the areas being treated. You must protect the area with a high end sunblock applied twice daily and keep it covered up by UV resistant clothing in order to achieve the best results.



At Elite Aesthetics Group in Miami and Coral Gables, laser tattoo removal is done by Dr Ward, no one else. We use the best laser in the industry, coupled with knowledge, experience, and close follow up to safely and, as pain free as possible, give you the results you want. We sell packages of laser tattoo removal treatments at a discount in order to help you obtain those results. Call us and ask Dr Ward any questions you may still have. We are here to help.