Aftercare For Laser Hair Removal in South Beach

Top Things You MUST Know about your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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With advancements in the field of laser technology, women have started turning toward aesthetics practices and laser hair reduction in order to get their hair removed. This is a highly effective technique and works wonders. Patient interest in laser treatments has increased by 28% in the past two years because of its promising results. As with every medical treatment, there are potential side effects and complications that although rare, can sometimes happen. You should talk to your doctor in detail, ask him or her about the likelihood of side effects and the risk of damaging your skin. Act wisely to reduce these risks!

At Elite Aesthetics, you are given a comfortable, private place to lie down and you are asked wear a pair of protective eye goggles before the laser hair removal procedure begins. The doctor gently holds the skin to make it taut for the laser. The laser affects the hair follicles from where the hair grows and stops them from growing more hair. You might feel a little tingling sensation or pinpricks. Cool air is used for alleviating this burning sensation and for easier recovery.

There are many precautions that you should keep in mind after laser hair removal procedure. The area may show redness after the process. This happens right after the treatment and goes away very quickly.


After the hair removal laser procedure, it takes up to 3 weeks for the hair to fall out. During this time, the area should be treated very carefully and delicately. You should avoid rubbing and scratching your skin.  You may apply aloe vera to the area to keep it moist plenty of times during the day. The area should be patted gently to dry.

Hot baths, direct sun, and saunas should be completely avoided. Swimming in chlorinated water should be avoided in the first 2 or 3 days. Use of perfume products and bleaching creams also causes side effects and must be avoided for 2 days. Tight clothes should not be worn so that the area doesn’t get rubbed unnecessarily. To avoid complications, if you see any signs of infection contact your doctor immediately.

Use of ice is beneficial if you see swelling in the area. The ice should be wrapped in a soft cloth and gently applied on the affected area. You might feel a stinging sensation after laser hair removal. To counter this, you can take Tylenol. If you have to apply makeup, just do so gently. Sports and strenuous exercises should be avoided for at least 2 days post treatment.

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