Tattoo removal is a unique experience.


Wondering if your tattoo removal treatment will be painful?

If you have a tattoo you’d like removed you may wonder does laser tattoo removal hurt? At Elite Aesthetics Group in Miami Florida, we provide laser tattoo removal treatment treatments to patients that have tattoo regret and want to be rid of their old tattoos for various reasons, and we also fade tattoos in case you want to cover an existing tattoo. We use the most modern, safe, pain-free equipment in the industry and all procedures are done by Dr Ward, a physician with 20 years’ experience.



When the tattoo was placed in your skin, the needle injected the ink particles into your epidermis and dermis. As you probably may know, this hurts different amounts in different parts of your body. Different areas of your body have a different amount of nerve endings and are more or less sensitive than other parts. Also, everyone is different and interprets pain in different ways. The laser tattoo removal treatment can be pain-free in some areas or with some types of tattoos, and it can hurt a bit more in other areas or with darker or multicolor tattoos. Either way, most people say it hurts way less than when they got the tattoo in the first place.

At Elite Aesthetics Group, we do everything we can to make the laser tattoo removal procedure as pain-free as possible. Techniques and measures we use may include blowing super cold air on the treatment area which numbs the skin and protects it. We may use numbing cream on the area prior to treatment. We may inject the area with lidocaine if needed. We may ice the area afterward. The goal is to make you as comfortable as possible while still delivering enough energy from the laser into the tattoo ink to break it up to remove it. Give Dr. Ward a call to answer your questions, ask about our discounted laser tattoo removal packages, and to book your appointment. See you soon!